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I don't sleep much anymore.
I don't eat much anymore.
I haven't been able to work lately.
I just wonder when it will all turn around for me.
I just wonder when I too will feel free from this disease and all it has brought with it.
I just, I just, always wonder.
I almost lost my mother this New Years Eve to a freak accident. I thank those that with her that night, most trained medical professionals. The out come would of been a whole lot different had they had to wait for ambulance or Emergency care.
Once again I am reminded, if there had been any doubt before, that life is just too short. Some how I have to make this life of mine a whole lot different this new year.


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    Just remember, "This too shall pass". Sometimes I have to tell myself that several times a day, but it is the truth - it will pass. My wish for you in 2002 is health and peace. That will be my daily prayer for you.

    I'm glad your mom is all right. That is a bright spot in the coming year.

    You will find your way this year I am confident of that fact.

    God Bless,