Happiness sharing time !

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Happy New Year everyone ! I hope Santa was good to you (you all deserved it !).

I had a good time visiting with my family in the South of France (yep, I realize how lucky I am !) We spent Christmas over there, and I received a fun gift : a set of tiny bottles filled with different smells, and the game is to find out what the smells are. Some are simple (lemon, for instance), others are quite hard to identify (raspberry, watermelon...). These smells can bring back wonderful memories, I tell you ! The second part of the game is then identifying which of these smells are present in the wines we have on the table. A lot of fun... Hickups ! (just kidding...)

I turned 40 on New Year's Day, and my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, cousins, as well as a few friends were there to share this special moment with me. It was wonderful ! I think it was my first birthday party ever, and I loved every minute of it !

I like being 40, it is a nice round figure. I am now a mature woman, which means I am ready to explore the different aspects of being "me" : the child (I never played enough games and that is going to change), the woman (I repressed that part too long while I was busy with my career), the mother, (I have always loved that part !), the wise one (often hiding, but I'll find it !)...

I found the drawing and painting class I was looking for, and the teacher agreed that I bring my 9-year-old daughter with me. Audrey was thrilled, but not quite as much as I am ! We will start at the end of January.

I also ice-skated for the first time in 30 years a couple of weeks ago : I am off on wednesdays, and took kids ice-skating with the school teacher. I was the only mom on the ice, and Audrey was quite proud of me ! I had lots of fun !

I plan on being happy in 2002, and I realize the challenge is me : circonsatnces are less important than my own attitude towards life, and I hope I will be mature enough to find the happiness in small things...

I am wishing you all a wonderful year, filled with love and precious moments. I am also wishing you improved health, and complete recoveries for those who are still in the middle of the fight. Tiger, Brenda, Tara, Inkblot, Jean, Pam, Cathy, Tracy, Auntie, Nancy, Lucy, Amy, Lola, Robin, Belinda, Jayne, Debbie, Cheryl, Cher, Oliveoyl, Lindy, and all my friends (afraid the list is too long !) : my prayers of wellness are with you !

With love and hugs,


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    Happy 40th Dear Friend,
    I am so glad you too found your way back to this site. It is something that we have to experience difficult things to truly see what life can be. I just wanted you to know that you have so much to bring forth. You and your daughter will sore with colours and both find the artists in you.
    Life is a beautiful thing, even when the going gets tough, there is so much out side of ourselves that make life truly what it is, different for each and everyone of us.
    We only get better with each and every passing day. I am learning the art of breathing this year, to get the most out of each and every breath.
    I miss your kind words girl,
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    Hi Cathy!
    So wonderful to hear from you. May God richly bless you in this new year and grant you all the happiness you seek! Lots of love and hugs...Jayne
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    Dear Cathy:
    Happy belated Birthday!! 40 was a good year for me after I adjusted to the sound of it - now it seems so young! Boy, am I getting old or what- Naw --not really when I see my father-in-law raking leaves at 86 years.
    As for the rest of your message young lady, all I can say is; 'WOW' YOU GO GIRL!!!
    You are definitely on the right path - just keep it up. I am very proud of you.
    God bless you and fill your new year with all the blessings you seek and continue to find and recognize. Give Audrey a hug and tell her I said she is a lucky little girl to have such a role model for a Mom.
    Love and hugs,
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    Thank you, Cathy, for your very sweet note - inspiring too. Nothing like a boost - too - from being in the south of France - wasn't too cold - right ?

    I was done with all my treatments the end of September so now it's time to get on with my life and enjoy each day.

    No one knows how much time she/he has in this world so we can't waste time.

    Continue to keep in touch now and then as you have. Your messages are so upbeat - and - should you ever not feel so upbeat - remember we are still here for you.

    Bonne Annee and hugs, Jean
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    Cathy, happy to see that you made it home ok. While we were basking in the snow(!!) I am sure that you made the most of France!!
    I like your attitude, live,love and lets party on!!
    Chat at you soon.
    love from Rosa Tiger
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    Dear Cathy
    So glad you still find time to write occasionally. I am so happy for you that your CHristmas & New Year was so different. It sounds like so much fun. You said you were going to get on with your life & I am so pleased that you are. May the year be good for you & keep in contact now & again as we love to hear from you.
    Love & hugs
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    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday (but hey i beat ya my bd was the 27th lol 35 here) to you CATHY!!!!!!! Wow the room here is glowing due to your posting thank you. You certainly did share your happiness. Ive never seen anything written quiet so well. If im ever unable to look out the window i want YOU to describe to me whats out there =) your very colorful and it shows in your writing. I cant wait to see what the painbrush may bring out lol!!!! Im glad youve had a nice holiday. Life is like a vacation and we need to make memories ( the pictures of life to remember it by, to leave with those we love when its time to go. I want a full album!!!!
    I wish you wellness and im sending much love in your direction.