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Hi all, I havent posted in a while. But to those who dont remember me. I'm 35 diagnosed with St 2 breast cancer. I had AC chemo and just had my 3/4 Taxol treatment. My question is about Taxol. I heard that there is a lot of issues on whether to take it or not. My dr said I should because i had 2+ lypmh nodes.

However the taxol is giving me a bad itch/prickly sensaition under my skin. When I say BAD I mean BAD. They've tried decadron and all sorts and NOTHING is working. I'm at my wits end. It made my xmas miserable and the drs just have no clue.

Ive already refused to take the last taxol but am looking for anything that will help the itching!
Thanks soooo much


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    I took Taxotere which is the French version of Taxol. I took dacadron before during and after the treatments and they gave me Benydryl in the during "cocktail" as well to counter act the allergic reactions. You may want to call your Oncologist to see if you can take Benydryl. Good luck ... your so close to the beginning of your new life!!! Jamie
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    You have survived three out of 4. Nobody promised us a rose garden with chemo. Please try to have the last one!!!!
    love Pippi
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    Hi reni! It's been a long time since we've talked. I was supposed to take the taxol as part of my treatment after the A/C. I heard the same things that you did and discussed my options with my oncologist. She told me that there was no evidence that taxol would benefit me since I had no mets. I had 1 + node. I didn't take the taxol and don't ever regret it. The choice is up to you. Let me know how things go! Feel free to e-mail me at home. I was diagnosed at the age of 24, just 8 months ago. My e-mail at home is [email protected]. Take care!

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    Dear Reni
    I too am on Taxotere (a version of Taxol) & was ready to ditch it as my first dose was so horrific. I could not even move out of bed but Rosa & family persuaded me to continue. They have slightly reduced the dose & give me more steroid this second time around & it has been much better. Mind you I am on Paradex (Digesic) & morphine as well as I am stage 1v mets. Please try to hang n in there as I have read some good reports of following A/C treatment closely with Taxol.

    My thoughts are with you.