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heh all,i have a good friend well she's my best friend and i'm really worry about her but i dont know what to say when ask me this she has no money lives in houston texas area i told her there's got to be something that has some kind of charity,well she has a cone shape small noules on 1 breat and i on the other breast it was negative not positive but highly suspicion weants her back in 6 months she has no money her 6months is here she doesnt have no insurance what so ever she no longer has her medical card ,i told her to be on safe side she needs to find somewhere that can help her.i dont know a whole lot on that when they found mine it was a tumor and had to come out right than and there it was found on march 7 biopsy on the 15 surgery on 30 all in a month so i dont understand all this new stuff nodules thats your lymph nodes i dont know what to say is there anybody that can help me


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    Dear name-buddy, its a good thing I signed on here by part of my nickname (cher) or we would be causing more duplicate name confusion. I haven't been on here in months but God definitely led me here tonight.

    Most cities have some sort of free clinic which will help those who have no insurance or state medical card. (Even here in Morgantown WV there is a free clinic.) and also the oncologists will do their best to get you as much free care as they can.
    Please tell here to go, explain her situation and see what they can do to help her.

    I know my oncologist gets free samples of meds for those who can pay for treatment. Often the surgeons will too, or they will have some way of getting reimbursed in part from cancer research groups.

    Please tell her not to give up. Get the best care she can find. Try to get her to a women's health support clinic or a free clinic of any sort and they can help sort out the fight to get the rest of the care she needs.

    I will keep you both in prayer.
    I have a friend here who is going through the same situation but with cervical cancer. She just got her biopsy free of charge from a research centr. They have assigned her to a surgeon, but that is all the farther this has gone yet (but she has only been in the process for a couple weeks)

    I will try to keep on here again to help with wat I can in info and suppport.

    Please tell her I send her a tremendous hug and all the love I can muster her way today.
    We all have to help each other get through this.

    If you can't find anything free for the poor in your area, get back to me and I will get my onco here looking for his compatriots there who might be willing to help.
    best of all for you both