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Please check with your Dad's Dr about the temp of 101 - that's the magic number to indicate a possible infection that may need immediate attention. Thinking of you.
Pat in Pensacola


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    Hi Pat,
    Yes, I know I was concerned with the fever but my dad would not agree to go to the doctor or ER. He wanted to wait it out. Fortunately this time the fever mysteriously left just as it had came. In October as my dad resumed chemo, he came down with a fever and we took him to the ER and he was told he had slight pneumonia. They put him on a strong antibiotic and he recovered. I am beginnning to fear that pneumonia and other infections are going to become the norm. I have heard that many people who have lung cancer actually die from complications from the cancer rather than the cancer itself. Have you heard this? Is it common for those with lung cancer to contract pneumonia? Do you know of any way to avoid this? Thanks for your help. God Bless. Mechelle