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Hi everyone!
I just heard a report that said the area of the USA that reported the most cancer cases was Washington, D.C.; and the area of the country that reported the least cases was Utah!! The question that was discussed was the fact that a large number of Mormans live in Utah and they don't smoke, drink alcohol or caffinated drinks.
Personally, I would think the air and water quality might help, too. I didn't hear if they checked out the difference in diet. Just like in Japan, there is hardly any breast cancer, but when Japanese ladies start living in America eating the standard American diet, then their rates of bc goes up to the national norm.
Would anybody know anything about the foods the Morman's diet consists of? I would be interested in knowing if their diet might play a part.
Hope everyone is having a good day!! God bless you each and everyone. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Hugs from Brenda


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    Hi, I don't have any REAL infor, but I would like to see you check and see percentage wise, how many women in Utah are having mammos compared to New York CIty? Remember, you don't find what you don't look for! However, living a good like nutritionally, etc., is always good advice. Best, Shirlann