Retirement or Disability?

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Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer in 2/01 - 6 chemo treats to reduce - 2nd surgery and all removed proved negative - no additional chemo - just check ups and CA125s monthly.

Am 55 and am back at work, but can't keep up with stressful job, homelife, etc. Lots of back trouble too - although they say it is not Cancer related. In order to keep health coverage, I feel I must take early retirement (we receive no pension - only 401K), but will have to pay health insurance at 80% (a hunk). Am currently on SS disability and can't make any money in order to stay qualified for that. If prayers are answered though and I stay well - I could lose that so this is why I am concerned about retiring rather than going out on disability. Does anyone have similar concerns? Or answers?


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    I'm not sure about your question.. but can you please tell me your GREAT story that you're free from Stage IV? I'd love to share it with my mom.. She loves to hear stories of hope!!!