It's ME

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I got all the test result back on Friday and wanted you all to know what they found. As it turns out, once again it isn't in my head and I have a herniated bowl. It must be causing the irritable bowl syndrome into overdrive. Where it is situated must be pushing it up into my side and ribs. We will try medication to calm it down or who knows what other options there are. I am going back to the pain specialist at the cancer clinic as well so I am sure they will all be instrumental in figuring it out. I can hardly wait to feel better once agian. One gets sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Hope all is going well in your worlds.
Won't be long till I am back to my old self.
One thing is for sure that I now know what my biggest fear is and it isn't cancer. My fear is they won't find what is wrong and I will be left to suffer.
Take care of yourselves, as I am
thinking of you,