father-in-law with hrpc

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Hi everyone. I'm hoping you can help. My father-in-law, who is in is late 60's was diagnosed w/metastatic prostate ca approximately 3 yrs ago and was on casodex and lupron until it became ineffective sometime over the last several months. He is very private and closed-mouthed about his disease and it seems to me in deep denial. There are many family issues here to discuss which I hope I can delve into later on, but have more of a clinical question at this point. I found out today that he is on novantrone, prednisone and ketoconazole. My husband and I did a bit of research on these meds and were surprised at the survival stats for patients on this therapy. Before we discuss this with his father, we just want t reality check on what this all means. It seems we are looking at a survival of less than 2 years based on the information available on patients on this regime. Anyone out there who wants to take a shot at helping us out on this one? As I said, I hope to talk more about how to deal with our family issues and how my husband and I might become an advocate for him. Thank you