Re-occurance of lung cancer

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My husband had a lung cancer that spread to the brain. Surgery in January 1999, radiation to brain and lung. Both were small spots. Now we find he has another small spot on the lung around 1/2". He has emphazema, lung function is not good. He's not on oxygen yet, but does use an inhaler when needed. The Dr. wants to do a resection/wedge on the lung. Of course no guarantees as to what he'd be like after the surgery. The biggest risk the Dr. said is getting him off the breathing machine and his lung leaking air after surgery. He is now getting along with a walker (had some weakness on the right side after brain surgery) and we can go to church, out to eat, socialize with friends. We don't know what type of Non Small Lung Cancer it is, too much scar tissue from the radiation. Just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences, and if they had the resection, how was quality of life after?


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    I had the wedge surgery done in Nov. 2002, and I now have a reoccurence in my other lung. I will not have the surgery done again....the pain was unbelievable and 15 mos later I am still on Percocet. I am sorry your husband is going through this as well as you.