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Hi everyone,
I am so sorry I haven't written or responded to all your nice emails. The day after they took my drains out I was in the ER with a high temp and inability to move the whole right side of my body. I could barely walk and could not sit up by myself. Once there they found I had developed a very serious infection. My blood pressure was dropping and it as very scary for several hours as people rushed here and there and I had needles stuck everywhere! They jammed my IV in so fast they damaged my vein and ended up having to restart it the following day. My incision was drained of 350ML of pus. It was horrible! I had to be reopened and another drain tube inserted. I spent 5 horrible days in the hospital. I am just now getting around again and starting my recovery. They removed the third drain yesterday and so far I am doing ok. I long to regain full movement in my arm and feel strong enough to tackle everyday activity. I have to return to work Monday and I am very scared I will not be able to handle it. We will see. Anyway, thank you all for your concern and emails. I really appreciate it.