Great News

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I am celebrating today it is one year ago today that I had my last chemo treatment!!Hooray!! I also hasd genetic testing done tomsee if I carried the cancer gene and I don't. I am truly blessed by this news. God has been soooooo good to me. My older sister died in June from breast cancer you see she was an agorapobic she didn't leave the house for along time and she found a lump in her breast about 4 years ago and never told any of us about it until in May of this year she fell and could not walk she had to leave the house to go to the hospital so she told us that day. The reason she fell was because the cancer had spread to her bones and she had a tumor on her spine. She had cancer the same time I did Mine being April 2000 but never told me . It was to late for her. Really sad and I miss her. THat is why they wanted me to have genetic testing done. Thank you all for your prayers and please keep praying for me.
God Bless Debbie