hugs and hope kids

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i like to take a minute of your time to ask you to adopt a family for christmas,its our hugs and hope kids with terminal illness ,what this is you buy the family a christmas present if you can't afford that than buy a family a 1.00 a peace gift for each one,if not that than make cookies and send them to families if you cant do that how about sending a card a card from you puts a smile on one of those kids a smile is free of charge and it can be a lifetime of memories its free of charge both ways but can pick somebody up were instantly have a smile and thats what this is all about to put a smile on a face espically our little ones whose battling this disease of cancer if you would like to go and see what i'm talking about go here bring some tissue when you go if you can't do i know theres a lot of us who can't give wish we could send this to others like people in address book and to your churches as well
thanks a lot