nasopharengeal cancer COKE are you still out there?

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I wrote a message in may to see if anyone had any info on nasopharengeal cancer which my dad died of on may 14, 2001.I kind of gave up on finding anyone who has heard of this and today I decided to check out the sight and I saw COKE'S reply.If you are still out there I am interested in any info from you or your mother about your dads experience with this cancer.My father was diagnosed at 60 and lived 2 years .The tough part was that his tumor was a stage 1 had not spread and he was given a 85% survival rate.He did get an overexposure of radiation that burned his face and destroyed tissue around the area of the tumor.He was convinced before he died that the radiologist "cooked him".He had my mother send a letter to his lawyer about a week before he died expressing his intent to take legal action against the radiology technician that burned him.We have not pursued this but we really would like to hear someone elses experience with this cancer.I hope Coke that your dad did better than mine.I hope to hear from you .