Remember Lonnie

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Dear Friends:
Once again, I ask you to remember my Aunt Lonnie when you pray. She is very weak now, and the hospice nurse was not very encouraging. So please remember her family, especially her husband who has a bad heart, and I am so worried what might happen. There is strength in prayer as I know so well; and any little prayer you might pass their way will be a comfort. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your continued support. Together we have more courage and inspiration than alone. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless you always,
Love and hugs from Brenda


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    Brenda, I've added Aunt Lonnie to my prayers! My heart and thoughts are with her. HUGS!! Cathy
  • maud
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    Dear Brenda,
    I will pray for Aunt Lonnie. Our lord can do miracles and he does comfort us if we only ask. God Bless Deb
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    I will !
    Dear Brenda,

    Lonnie and her husband and family will be in my prayers. God will help, no matter what happens. Let us trust that He knows best.
    Big hugs to you, you are a sweetheart, always thinking of others !

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    o my Gracious Heavenly Father I come to you tonight in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ FATHER I ASk you to help aunt lonnie she needs your touch dear Father put your hand on her now Father i plead the blood of Jesus on her father in your son's name dear Fther I Pay for a healing on this woman she needs to be lifted Fther give he that peace my father GODshe needs your loving touch over her and her husband father GODand on BRENDA shes worry about her aunt i dont know brenda face to face fatheR GODut we all know each other in our hearts because we all are sisters father god because all here father faces the same disesase breast cancer i pray for a cure father so many of ones we lovEour sisters has died of this and father we are sisteR when its this so i commit this family to you my father cancer i abide you out of this womans body i deman her husbands heart to be heal in mark chapter 9 jesus loves all the children of the world well we all are children in a matter of speech so i commit this family and i thank you father for healing this family in jesus name i pray