Chest pain after radiation

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I was diagnosed with aggressive NHL in February, went through 6 cycles of Rituxan and CHOP and 25 days of radiation. I am now about 2 months post-treatment and am having chest pains. Been checked by a cardiologist and CT scans and the dr's think it is just trauma from the radiation. Anyone else have this?


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    Chest pain after radiation
    Wow, I had the same NHL, the same R-CHOP followed by radiation, and now I have the same pains in my chest. I get the pains especially after excercise, where I think the scare tissue from radiation gets stretched. The explanation I got after being sent to the ER for CT scan and ECG was that the radiation has made all the cartlidge that connects my ribs sensitive and inflamed. The pains I get feel very much like a bruised rib, where they are sensitive to touch and it hurts when I cough. The area where my ribs connect to my sternum are very tender, as is that piece of cartlidge at the bottom of my sternum, and my ribs on the side of my chest under arms.