losing hair again

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This may seem a little trivial, but I have noticed that my eyebrows and eyelashes are falling out again. I have been off chemo for 4 months. My hair on my head is coming back and that doesn't seem to be falling out (yet!) Has this happened to anyone and does anyone know a reason for this? thanks Susan


  • jmears
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    My brows and lashes fell out last ... almost at the end of my 6 months of chemotherapy. And they grew in faster than any other hair. One theory a friend had is that perhaps they stopped growing but didn't fall out. When all the hair started growing again the old brows and lashes get pushed out by new lashes and brows. If all your lashes and brows didn't fall out it could be that the new growth is pushing them out. Also...my hair was growing in very slow and dry and I found out my thyroid levels were very low. I started taking Synthroid and now my hair is growing at a normal pace and of coarse very curly and it has more shine. You may want to have check your thyroid checked. Good luck and ... it's not trivial!! Jamie