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Hi everyone. I am home! Had the mastectomy yesterday morning and they released me this morning! I am so glad it is over. I feel fine except the site where the drain tubes are hurts. Thank you all for your continued support. One more hurdle crossed.


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    Hi Tracy,

    I am glad you're done with that ! It is incredible they keep you so little time in the hospital. Here in Switzerland, they kept me a bit over a week for just a lumpectomy ! Well, I heard our medical insurance system is having financial problems, so maybe that will also change...

    I wish you the very best from now on, same for your husband.. Is he doing better now ?

    Take care,
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    Thank goodness you have that behind you. I felt relief when that part was all over. Are you going to do the chemotherapy/radiation treatments. I had to do both.
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    Glad to here you are doing so well. We have been thinking of you. I had my test and got on a plane and flew home to my parents. I miss them so much and wanted to help them paint their upstairs. They are getting old and what ever I can do to help.
    Remember to keep on moving that arm and staying mobile. I think you have done that by the looks of this post, giggle.........
    Take good care Tracy,
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    Welcome home Tracy! Glad everything went well and you're on the final phase of recovery. It will only get better from here! Keep well! Give those kids a big Hug! Cathy
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    Hi Tracy,

    It is great that you have so much behind you - anything else to do? - any radiation? - if not then you can concentrate on having a normal life again. I hope your husband has improved and your twins are doing well too.You've had a lot to handle.

    Best of luck to you, Tracy, for MANY years . Let us know from time to time how you're doing.
    Love and hugs, Jean
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    Hi Tracy:

    I'm so relieved for you! I know it feels great to just be back home, with the surgery behind you! (It's always a BIG thing for me...to just get back to my own house and family, after hospital "initiatives".)

    It sounds as if the surgery went extremely well but I'd imagine you're still a bit stiff
    and somewhat sore. The tubes won't be in for
    very long and you'll be up and bounding about again. Just keep looking toward the light and you'll see that it gets brighter
    every day!

    A little poem for you.

    Here's a warm, gentle hug,
    For your recovery time.

    Sweet dreams to you every night,
    May each one be sublime.

    Drink freely from the cup of love,
    Which your family & friends bring.

    You'll soon be about and feeling well,
    And your entire being will sing!
    (And don't hold back either...just let it
    rip! Ha.)

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hi Tracy,
    sorry I haven't kept in touch lately. I have not been on here reading the posts in a while. I have kind of been in my own world here lately.
    I'm glad your surgery went well. Just hang in there. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
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  • sharon_buck
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    Glad you are home and healing Prayers are with you each day. Sharon