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I had a bilateral mastectomy a few months ago. (Am doing fine!) I am extremely lucky..the cancer was confined to the ducts and no spread to the nodes. I do not need drugs, radiation or chemo. I know that my chances for ovarian cancer have now increased. Is there a test that can check for this, instead of waiting for the tumor to be big enough to be felt? Thanks, Mary


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    HI!Welcome to the site! I had a single mastectomy and reconstruction 1 year ago and have also done very well. I also needed no chemo or radiation but am taking Tamoxifin. It's important to have regular GYN checkups. The MD will do,or order vaginal Ultrasounds that will pick up any irregularities in the lining of the uterous,any ovarian cysts, etc... Good luck in your continued health. Keep in touch. HUGS!! Cathy