PICC Catheter or Groshong Catheter

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Nurses have recommended I have either a PICC Catheter installed, or a Groshong Catheter. I have 4 more months of chemotherapy left to go yet for breast cancer. I am tired of being a pin cushion at each chemo treatment, but when I had the tube in my side after surgery, it was a constant source of itching and irritation, and I couldn't wait for it to come out. Will the PICC irritate like that tube in the side? Is the PICC better for just a few weeks of treatment, and the Groshong better for many months of treatment? Does anyone have personal experience with either type of catheter? Thanks for your help.


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    Hi I had a Groshong Catheter and had a few issues. I had two infections around the "exit site" (tube coming out), after two months the nurses could no longer draw blood from it BUT it did take the treatment, upon removal the tube snapped and I had to have it cut out with sum stitches to follow. Overall it was much better than getting stuck for the treatment eventhough I still had a weekly stick for blood work. I don't know what a PICC is but a friend had a Catho-Port and that seemed to have less problems than the Groshong. Plus the Groshong hangs off your chest needs to be taped down and I think my infections were tape related. I had a choice between the Catho-Port and the Groshong. Both required in hospital surgery (Day Patient) but the Groshong could be removed in the Drs. office. I chose the Groshong for the Drs. office removal and that back fired anyway. If a PICC is also called a Catho-Port ... I'd go with the PICC. If you have more questions feel free to email me through this site. Jamie
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    Hi Jean,
    I had a port-a-cath surgically put in in June. It's been terrific (it did hurt initially after surgery). I've used it for chemo & blood draws. It goes in underneath the skin, so it looks like a pacemaker, if you've ever seen anyone with that. A small needle is inserted into the skin to access the port, but I apply Emla cream beforehand so I don't feel it. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions.
    God Bless,
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    Not sure what they are referring to is what I had. I had a port-0-cath put in. It goes just under the skin by your collar bone. They can do blood draws from there also. It was easy. Outpatient surgery for implant and removal. So much easier than sticking my arm each time.
    Good luck with your decision. Marion