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Hi to all:
Have any of you who are on weekly Herceptin treatments ever missed a week?
If so, did it make a difference to next treatment? I have never missed one dose in 18 months and wondered if I took a week off to go on a vacation, if it would cause a problem.
Also, I have heard that there is research into the possibility of changing the treatments to once every 3 weeks. Has anyone heard or read any reports to support this?
Thank you in advance for any help any one can offer. May God bless each of you in a special way. May He always be with you.
Hugs from Brenda (Georgia)


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    Hi Brenda!

    I missed last week due to troubles indicated in my MUGA scan. They don't seem concerned that I missed a week and I may resume treatments this week, not sure though, it depends on my oncologist. I haven't heard anything on the treatments going to once every three weeks although that would be great! It really gets old going in every week. I have only had 2 months of this treatment and am already tired of it. I only have to have 12 months total. Just curious as to why you have had them for 18 months? Anyway, let me know any info you hear about this. Have fun on your vacation! Take care!

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    Hi Brenda

    Have a chat with Rosa re Herceptin. She was on this for a long time & probably knows more about it than any of us. Hope all is well with you & that you have a great holiday. Lots of Love. Pam
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    Ihave just been on herceptin alon since June. I have missed once and seemed like no big deal. Just wondering though do you have trouble with leg cramps at night with this I seem to have them easily now and did not know if it was the treatments? I'am looking at one year and then my onco. said we will see because of the lymph nodes and the size of tumor we may go longer.I thought whatever it takes I will do. Sharon