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I had a low anterior resection following chemo and rediation. I had no colostomy. I have problems with flatus and frequent stools but I am thankful I had the surgery. I only wish that it had been sooner! So far, no signs of the big C returning. I believe surgery is the way to go. For anyone who has doubts, find a surgeon that will do it your way that you trust and will talk to you about the alternatives. Sixteen months after surgery, I am working part time and taking care of grand children and the garden in my spare time.


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    Peje, I had the same surgery on January 22, 2002. They got all the cancer, took my rectum and ovaries. I had an ileostomy for 8 weeks, reversed that and I am now trying to repotty train myself. It has been months, still flatus, frequent stools also, diareha, and very little control. Still wearing depends when leave my home. I have developed a stricture and resection site which must be frequently dialated. (not fun). Hope to be able to return to work before Xmas. I too believe surgery was the way to go, but I also had chemo and radiation pre-op. I still am depressed, fearful of the Big C's return and I want my life back. I am thankful that for now I am C clear. Keep me posted on how you are doing.