Anyone Use Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Liver Mets????

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Has anyone used Staten Island, Buffalo, Indiana University, Karolinska Institute, or another facility that uses radiosurgery for LIVER METS????

We can't find any real live person who has actually used this new radiation treatment for liver mets, who we can ask real questions of.

Does anyone KNOW anyone we can contact??

Or anywhere else on the net we can look to find people to talk to??

I would sure appreciate your help!

Please contact me either here, or at

Love Liza

Daughter of Dad; 76 yrs. old; Stage IV; Tumor removed from caecum 3/00; Second surgery to remove impaction and adhesions 8/00; Right lobe of liver removed 3/01; 5FU+leuk weekly low-dose 4/01- 8/01; PET 9/01 shows 2 liver mets 8 and 10 mm