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Hi I don't have breast cancer I read this site because my mom has small cell lung cancer, anyways I just had a 6 month check up following an annual mammogram that in or around march 2000 showed a spot that they say is benign, and come back in 6 months, I did in 10/00 it showed benign changes let's do and ultrasound ok its ok..see ya in 6 months blah blah blah still showing benign changes, show I demand a biopsy??? or what or is this just a wad of fat/caffeine/smoking ect showing up?? can dr's really decipher the difference between and malignant lump or a benign one with just mammograms and 1 ultrasound?? ok I see almost 6,ooo messages are posted on this discussion area so dont all yell at me at once, I'm stressed as it is with my mom being terminal with the lung cancer were waiting for the next ct scan which will be around 11/5 to see if this round of chemo is going to buy her any time or what.....her cancer has no cure at allit's all based on how well the chemo works as to how long she'll live the dr said if it works well she'll get a year or so if not she's looking at less, she's 58 im 39 any words of wisdom???


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    First I wish your Mom success with the chemo for more time in this world.

    As for you, I would gather up all the x-rays from wherever you have been going - and have another doctor - radiologist specializing in breast cancer - re-read these mammograms.

    Do you have a comprehensive cancer center in your area or some place more dedicated to cancer treatment than perhaps a community hospital.

    After reading other women's experiences here, I would say request a needle biopsy at least.

    Let us know what you find out.

    Best wishes, Jean
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    Hi Fava:

    Hope your Mom has a good result with further treatment. I know several people who were sent home by different doctor's to "get their affairs in order" with 3-6 months to live but have survived long-term (8-10 years) by getting treatment at a very special facility in Illinois. If you'd like some additional info on this treatment center, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll be happy to give you some additional info. and phone number to get into contact with them. I don't know where you live but transportation is something they can arrange and help you out with. It can offer a ray of hope when there seems to be little hope left in some situations.

    Re your mammograms: Most "good" radiologists
    are able to determine whether a lump or mass
    is fluid or solid, by sonogram and whether or not the mass changes shape (or compresses)
    on mammo. This typically guides them in recommending a fine needle biopsy. However, I'd recommend that you get at least one second opinion, maybe even two. If something is there, it should be determined
    definitively, exactly what it is. Waiting
    and the passage of time is not the preferred
    road to take. There's too much risk involved. Get another opinion and get peace of mind in at least knowing exactly what you're dealing with.

    Best of luck to both of you.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Hello Fava,
    I think you should read a speach I gave to a Living Well With Cancer Conference. This is my story, I was a 36 year old mother of one son. I listened to the diagnosis of a specialist that was also "just a benign, fibrous cyst. Nothing to worry about." So I went on my merry way. There are no gaurantees, one must truly know how they feel.
    Go to Gallery and search it is Living Well With Cancer.
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    Fava--I agree with the other opinions here. For your own peace of mind, get another opinion and there's nothing wrong with requesting a biopsy. You do have enough to deal with, no need to have this one more thing hanging over your head. Most likely it won't be anything, but at least you'll know and will be able to quit worrying.

    Good luck and my best to you and your mom. My mom died of lung cancer five years ago. If you need to talk, I'm all ears (or in this case eyes:)