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Chemo and radiation are getting a lot of negative comments; but what is the alternative? The side effects (some possibly fatal in a few cases) are worth the risk to get some time on our side in the HOPE and faith that a better way to treat this most aggressive disease is about to be found. After all we are talking about cancer cells, and it takes a very strong chemical to stop it; and there are bound to be side effects. Aspirin and tylenol can do harm or even be fatal to people who are allergic; so chemo and radiation have to be much more aggressive and harsher to kill cancer cells, than a drug is to stop a headache.
The possibility of brain mets are possible with any type of metastasized cancer if you take no treatments at all; so the chances of the chemos causing brain mets is very small--much much less than no treatments.
Some people see the cup half empty and some see it half full. For myself, I prefer to see it half full and go on faith and hope in my Lord and Savior. What is impossible for man to do is possible for God to do -- if we can find enough faith -- and then be willing to serve Him whatever way He requires--not necessarily what we expect, but what is required for His works to be made manifest through us.
People should not just give out all the bad things that chemo or radiation can do without also listing all the good they can do. After all, without the Taxol/Herceptin combo, I would not be typing this message to all of you - and of course, with God's blessing.
Sometimes the only way to stop a wild fire is with a back fire; and that is what chemo is to cancer; and we are bound to get burned a little bit in trying to put out this raging fire. Instead of someone lashing out against the only treatments we have; why not all of us bow our heads in prayer, and in one voice beg God for mercy for the children, that at least the researchers will find a way to heal them without such drastic side effects. May God bless the little children who are suffering from this horrendous disease. It is hard enough on adults, but the little ones just break my heart; if you feel sorry for yourself, just go to a children's ward and see for yourself how awful this can get. May God have mercy.
Each day is a special gift (whether you're sick or healthy); and it should not be wasted on regrets from yesterday - it will never be again; or just thinking about tomorrow, because it may never come - so rejoice in the day and make the most of the blessings surrounding you - family, friends, and LIFE.
May God bless each of you and give you the strength and faith you need to triumph over sorrow and pain.
With prayers, Brenda


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    That is a lovely message and I can just add AMEN !

    Love, Jean
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    I strongly agree with Brenda's statements. I had a choice and I was fortunate to have an Oncologist that educated me about the risks and well as being a genuine caring human being. Using the treatments suggested was not a hard dicision to make. The drugs may not always have conclusive results but I beleive for the most part cancer is proven to be fatal. God gave us free will ... and it's our choice to use the gifts he gave us ... I consider the doctors and researchers and treatments gifts ... and I never kick a gift horse in the mouth!!! Peace to all. Jamie