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I would like to thank those of you who helped me to pray for my friend's daughter, Sonja, a few months ago. I am so happy to tell you that she is doing really well right now.
To refresh your memory, her Chicago oncologists had sent her home to 'die' because of her liver mets. Her husband even took a leave of absence to be with her. They decided to try the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico (just across the border from San Diago) to try their type of treatment plan. They aggressively purge the whole body; dialysis; enemas; hot salty baths; organically grown raw fruits and vegetables, herbs and vitamins; as well as the banned laetrile (sp.?) a derivative of apricot and peach pits - that USA will not allow; and best of all the doctors and staff pray for you! I believe this is what makes the difference for many.
At the time Sonja's doctor thought she would be on her death bed, she was in Florida on vacation having a wonderful time!!! This is guality time - only pain that Tylenol will handle - and a good healthy feeling - and able to enjoy each day!! Her Chicago doctor can't believe the turn around. Her scans are so improved. She's not the only person I know of who has been diagnosed as hopeless and is now thriving. The lady who recommended this treatment to Sonja was diagnosed with metastasized melanoma - which had spread 'everywhere'. This has been about 8 months ago and her doctor calls it a miracle. He can't find any signs of cancer. So nothing is actually hopeless - only the treatments. Of course, this hospital can't cure cancer, but they can give some people many more months and may be years of quality time when mainstream medicine had given them up as hopeless.
Hugs to all and God bless you.


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    Dear Brenda,

    I am so happy for Sonja ! This is exactly the type of "remarkable recoveries" they describe in the book I mentionned. There is hope for everyone !

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    Hi Brenda,
    Sonja has been on my prayer list since you requested it. What wonderful news! Our God is indeed an awesome God!
    Love, Jayne