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Looking for partner is newly diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be undergoing a radical prostatectomy on Oct 29.
We have done extensive research before deciding that surgery is the only option. We have had several opinions, as well.
Hoping to hear some positive feedback on post-surgery results regarding continence and potency.
I am a cancer survivor myself, so have a positive attitude, but cannot help feeling apprehension for my dear partner who has never experienced illness!
Thank you. Marcia


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    Just a note to share some information with you and your partner. Last January I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My Psa & Gleason numbers were 31 and 9 respectively.
    I had a bioposy done and the results suggested that the cancer had spread beyond the Prostate. My Urologist advised that surgery was not the treatment of choice. We discussed the issues at length and decided external beam 3-D radiation was the treatment for me. To make a long story short The radiation treatment went well, (minimal side effects, The oncologist said I was fortunate ) The one thing the Oncologist said to me was " If you picture your prostate as a funnel supporting your bladder and remove the funnel there is no support. My Oncologist of course is pro radiation treatment. But in my case he only commented that he personally would never have surgery.
    My results after radiation and six months of hormone therapy. Psa has dropped to .6. The hormone therapy has its own set of side effects, hot flashes, muscle and joint ache. According to other cases there are more side effects the most distressing of which to me is the inability to maintain a satisfying sexual relationship with my spouse Marcia.
    This was also my first major illness and I am trying to deal with not being invincible. I am 56 years young. Very active and in good physical shape. If you would like anymore information please respond. good luck Michael
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    Hi some encouragment: I had my surgery July 17 2001.I have about 90% blader control and started having sex again after Labor Day. Viaga helps and on yester day it was almost as erect as before surgery. Did it once without. so hang in a good Dr. who does the surgery himself instead of using hospital scrub techs can do this without much nerve damage. Ask your Dr. if he use techs. Mine and a co Dr. only do porstate syrgery.