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Goodmorning everyone,
I have spent some time this last week on another site chatting with women. I see our site is slowing down, many with hard battles to get through, not enough energy in the day.
I know through time we will all bump into women worried about their risks, interested in all we have to say about our fights. I found a site that is truly informative for women who worry about thier risk factors.
I hope that this post finds you all making your way through some difficult times. I often sit in the chat room so if anyone needs to talk check it out. I think the chat can be a very useful tool for those who need to talk. If others hung out there you might help someone along the way.
Be good to yourselves,


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    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for sharing the info. I think it goes by waves on the site in terms of energy : friends feel better, and we all feel relieved and happy; friends are in pain, and we hurt with them. It is important however to keep hope and positive thoughts in our minds, that's what got us through in the first place isn't it ?

    So as Tiger says, "let's kick some cancer's ****, ladies !"

    Love and hugs from Cow Country,
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    i found another one to is just at night no joing no passwords its every night i love it everybody helps each other out also there's few in chemo anghels were we pry for all
    heh this is a good room its a trick to get in when you get there you will seee the breast cancer ribbons in between ribbons will say breast cancer chat room 1 thats the one you want, wait 30 seconds than scroll downn when you see the gray blank it will turn lavender when turn lavender than you see it will say multicity under it says guest delete guest put your name than click join we have a great time in there at night we laugh we pray we cry we all are sisters together because all has been through same disease.