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Hi to all:
I am asking this for my husband's aunt. She has been fighting breast cancer for 20 years and has never had any chemo (because of other health concerns); only radiation treatments and the oral meds. A few months ago she discovered she had bone mets, and the Aredia is helping with that pain; and now it has been discovered in her liver - advanced. Long story about her doctor taking her for granted too long - she is 78 years old but young in spirit and looks much younger.
My question is to those of you who have tried different pain medications and what has helped you the most. Lonnie has had some weird reactions to a couple of them. She is well prepared to leave this world, but none of us can stand to see her in pain. I have been so blessed by God so far, as not to have had any additional pain so I am no help to her in that regard. Practically every day since my diagnosis, she has called me and boosted my morale. She feels like a blood relative since I have been in the family for 38 years!!!! Any advise will be greatly appreciated; and your prayers. May God bless all of you this day and give you something to smile about!
Love and hugs,


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    "Liver pain, caused by the tumor growing inside the liver and stretching its surface, is best treated with chemotherapy. But if no chemotherapy or pain medication seems to be working, radiation to the liver can be useful at reducing pain."
    Hi Brenda,
    I found this under when I asked 'google' for best pain meds for metastases to the liver.

    Also the article said that all pain medication in this situation involves narcotics to some extent.

    My heart goes out to her. This very same morning I heard of a 'young' 76 year old woman who thought she had gallstones from severe pain and found it was liver mets from breast cancer she did not know about.

    My best wishes to your aunt and to you,
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    Hi Brenda. I'm sorry your husbands aunt is having so much discomfort. I spoke to my friend who is an RN and specializes in pain Management. She suggests trying an opiod,such as oxycontin(or oxycodone) as well as acetemycin(sorry about spelling). The opoid can be used in a patch which is long acting and is usually changed daily. I wish her luck. I will add her to by prayers. Please keep in touch. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Dear Brenda
    How sad for your aunt. How nice for her to have your care & concern. I have had a lot of pain with my bone mets as you know & found the best all day relief is slow release morphine (called either Kapenol or MST here in NZ)It is taken morning & night in dose carefully planned by doctor to give best relief without totally zonking you out. If I get breakthrough pain I take a med called Paradex. I don't know what it is called in US but it is a mix of paracetemol & digesic ( a strong pain killer). Also for bone pain is another med I can't remeber it's name but I think it starts with P. It does not cure but helps the pain a lot. Also anti-inflammitories are good as is a nerve tranquilizer based on chlorazapam (it's called Rivotril here)Hope this is of some help. If I remember the name of the bone pain med I wil contact you. Thanks a lot too for for your wonderful card you sent. It was so nice to get it & really made my day. Love to you & thanks for your support to me & to Rosa who we both know is in need of a lot of help right now. Lots of love & hugs. Pam
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