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Hi, I need some simple advice. I have a dear friend who is going through chemo for breast cancer. A few of her dearest friends are throwing her a "hat shower" to show our love and support. I was hoping you could give me some suggestions on what to bring her as a gift. (A woman can only have so many hats...) If you can remember something that was comforting during your victory over breast cancer, please let me know. I'd like to give her something that lifts her spirits and says how very much I love her. Thank you.


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    I found I enjoyed so-called "meditation tapes" during chemo, it helps to relax. I have a CD now with just nature sounds that is also very relaxing. Another type of music proven to be relaxing is Gregorian chants. Besides music, anything to pamper herself with might be a good choice. I have discovered recently algae bath : all natural, smells not bad at all actually (at least the one I found in France !), and it is relaxing. If she likes reading, I got into Feng Shui books when I was on chemo : some are plain boring, others are filled with good decorating ideas, photos, something to day-dream about when one is too tired to do much. One of my favorite books is "Clear your clutter with Feng Shui", by Karen Kingston. It is inspiring like nothing I have ever read before (and I read a lot !). But she may misunderstand the message behind the gift... Otherwise, how about a gift coupon for a massage, or a make up ? That's always fun ! Or a ticket to a movie theater, so she goes out and have some fun...

    I hope you will have a good time together. It may sound obvious, but even with a cancer we are first of all women, so I am sure you can also pick whatever gift you would have chosen if she were not sick, and that will make her very happy.

    Take care,
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    Some chemos really dry out the skin - I know mine did, and I went through gallons of moisturizers. The foaming bath gels are great and the herbal body lotions. Roc facial moisturizer has become my favorite even compared to the more expensive ones. So a basket of these and a real night cap for the head not a drink. (I didn't like to go to bed bald). The American Cancer Society has a catalogue called TLC with many needful items - that is where I found my so very soft and comfortable night cap. A shawl is nice to carry for treatments because you usually feel chilled after the chemo starts. Bandanas are the most comfortable head gear I had. Different colors for different outfits. I had red, blue, black, white, etc. If she is young enough, one tied on head under a baseball cap looks cute. Many of the younger patients wore this type of headgear alot---very casual and comfortable. That is what you need the most - something soft and not scratchy for your poor head.
    You are very thoughtful and kind to take this time to ask from the 'experts' so to speak so as to get something she can really use. Because if you haven't gone through it, it is hard to think of what is truly needed. Inspirational poems helped me, but everyone is different in that category. Like Helen Steiner Rice for one. Send her a 'friendship card' not just get well cards; or 'thinking of you' type cards. One every week as long as she is on chemo would lift her spirits to know you think about her all the time. Don't forget to call her to just say 'hi' and would she like to go out for lunch or somewhere she likes to go-- to get her out and about on the days she feels like it. This is a scary and depressing time and to keep her cheered when you can will help keep her from dwelling on her predicament. One friend kept sending me jokes via e-mail, and I really enjoyed having something to laugh about.
    This should be plenty for you to choose from. You are a good friend and I am sure she is well aware of that. God bless you for caring.
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    I have received from one of the ladies on this site some wig caps. They really help with the itching of the wigs. Also, a homemade coupon book with items like: "This is good for one homecooked meal," or "This is good for one housecleaning." Those were the things that I really needed and appreciated. Your friend is lucky to have you care so much. God bless you.
    Love, Jayne
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    how about something in breast cancer like a bear,t-shirt avon has a lot of things even a pin i know when i had it made me feel good when somebody gave me stuff like that they have the breast cancer angel pin its 8.00 dollars or just a pretty angel