hate is strong, but love survives

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My continued prayers for all of you who are grieving and in shock. My special prayers go out to all the rescue workers for their continued strength and courage; and heartfelt gratitude for their personal sacrifices.
There is hate everywhere in the world today, for all kinds of illogical reasons; from feeling superior to another because of the way someone looks starts even in our elementary schools. - Supremists' types wherever they live; America; Ireland; Africa; Middle East - who hate others just because they look or behave or believes in a different way from them; or has some religion or is from some country they do not understand and these terrorists types begin to despise and hate enough to want to see those who are different from them hurt and murdered becomes just pure evil - straight from the depths of hell. No known religion in this world would tolerate such teachings. These beliefs come from Satan alone; the master of lies and deception and hatred.
Let us pray for such pitiful and despised people---who have no glory in their actions and have only brought eternal shame and dishonor on their families and their nationality.
I judge each person I meet on their own merits and moral behavior. I try to respect all people unless they behave in such a manner that defy logic and rational thought. Let us pray together for love to reign supreme and hate and hate mongers would be stopped world wide.
Only man judges by the outward appearance, God judges by what is in a man's heart. Remember that hatred caused the crucifixtion of Christ; the beheading of John the Baptist; the deaths of many of the prophets of the old and new testaments---so this hatred for God's people is nothing new just easier to implement in massive destruction. From the beginning of time -through Hitler and today's terrorists---evil still comes from the same source. This is earth which is a trial by fire to overcome and to make ourselves worthy of God's love. Heaven is where there will be no tears or pain or suffering. He never promised otherwise-- but that life here would be short and full of trouble; but maintaining your faith would be well worth the trials and tribulations. Your reward will be priceless.
May God bless each and every one this day that is suffering for whatever reason. May His mercy comfort us all.
Prayers and hugs,


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    Dear Brenda,

    Why do we seem to need tragic events to pull closer and become stronger ? I don't know. I lived in the Bay area and was in San Francisco during the 89' earthquake, and afterwards I found the same compassion as is being expressed throughout the world now. And then months go by... we forget. Just the same with cancer : it has changed our lives forever - we think. Oh yes, for a while we smell the roses and smile at the rain and feel love for every being on earth. And then ... ?

    I want to keep that love very strong, without needing a terrifying reminder on a regular basis . Because Life is Love, and losing the love is losing life...

    Big hugs,
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