hang in there with me!!

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Hi there,just wanted to tell you I just had my third round of chemo last thursday and it hit me hard too. I was sick every 20 minutes for 24 hours!! Its now a week today and I feel pretty good, except that terrible taste in my mouth,nothing taste good,and I can only drink frozen coke. I have had to have procrit,which by the way was wicked, most wicked shot i had, and i have a week of shots for my white blood cells as well.I may or may not have one more round of chemo, or I may have three more months, the doctor isn't sure if I should have three months of Taxol or not. He is taking my case in front of a board of doctors to see what they suggest. So I am praying one more round for me. I am ready to be done!! Hang in there, we have to do this!! karin


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    Hang in there Karin! The Last chemo was tough for my mom too, but she is feeling much better now and you will too!!!!
    My thoughts are with you!
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    Hang in there ... you will be shocked how good you feel about 4 weeks after your last Chemotherapy. I took the Procrit shots and you are correct ... they are mean ... the nurses and patients at my oncolist office called them "stingers" and the nurses always apologized when they gave us one. I took 10 shots of Nuepogen after each treatment to keep the white counts up and I think that's what kept me from getting infections and being able to keep working. So ... think of the enormous amount of knowledge we have learned from this experience. Plan an after Chemo party and do it UP!!! Jamie
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    Well you did it!! The worst is over! Your strength and courage through this whole thing has astounded everyone that knows and loves you! You are our HERO!!! All our prayers worked and the good times are all ahead of us....don't look back! Love, your best friend, Diane