Praying for a New World

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My greatest sorrow is that people in this world have so much hatred for the American way of life that they would willingly die to distroy individuals they couldn't possibly know. What have we done to bring such hatred down on us? Is it our foreign policies? It's time we let other countries work out there own issues ... we can't take sides and we certainly have plenty in the US to take care of. I used to be proud to be an American ... now I'm afraid to travel outside the US. I'm praying for peace and understanding for all people.


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    There is some hatred on the part of fanatics, yes, and no matter what you do there will always be hateful people in the world. But concentrate on all the friendship the world shows towards America : I am French, living in Switzerland, and can assure you we grieve for America right now. My sister even took her son to McDonald's today for lunch : she heard that American businesses would be suffering, and decided she would buy American products whenever possible. (And buying a hamburger is against her principles, she is a health food addict !)

    I was moved to hear that Yasser Arrafat, after giving a statement condemning strongly the attack, went in to give blood for America. Will his blood be used ? Maybe not. But it is a strong statement from the leader of a country that had shown so far a lot of anti-americanism... Love will prevail, and this horror has reunited old friends.

    Part of the reason we in France feel so much grief for America is that we all remember that Americans gave their lives for us during WWI and again WWII. This may have happened a long time before we were even born, but we still feel grateful.

    You can be proud to be an American, don't let a group of fanatics ever change that.

    Big hugs from Switzerland,
    And love from across the oceans,