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Hi guys it seems as if a GREMLIN is at work here.The previous messages were NOT from me,I dont swear on-line nor do I miss-spell words.Whoever is pretending to be me .....you must be a very lonely person,SEEK HELP NOW.
As for Dolores,I am not to sure what is happening,she seems to have lost sensation in her left hand & foot(is this related to the cancer?)Another thing that is happening is that she has a great deal of difficulty in focusing(dont know if that is spelt right!)She also wobbles a lot when she walks.Are any of these symptoms known to you guys out there? We spoke to her surgeon and he says that this could be because of the drugs from surgery (she has had no chemo yet )or it could be that the cancer has spread to the brain.The other thing is that she has not lost any weight,Dolores eats well and sleeps about 200% more than she ever did.To you guys who e-mailed her THANK YOU ALL,she really wants to repond but is unable to,due to the focus problem and being forever tired,when we walk it is only about 40 feet and then she is totally exhausted.If anyone out knows what is causing this PLEASE let me know.Once again thank you all.


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    Hi Martin. I was wondering, has Delores had a brain mri yet? I'm not an expert, but it might be a good idea. I had some of those syptoms from my brain lesions. Another thought, is she takeing any steroids? They also will create these kind of syptoms. Most important though, is that she believes deep down she will live. I also started taking supplements to strengthen my immune system, I think helped me. Making her immune system strong is important.
    Tell Delores to keep on believing. loulou