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I know this is not the right discussion room for what I want to talk about ,but I feel all name is cheryl I had breast cancer 6yrs ago,I was saved by having a mammogram I went in for one breast they found the cancer on the other breast,when I had surgery mu tumor was the size of thumb nail and i lymph node was cancer,the doctor said Thank God you came in when you did because you had the fast spreadable cancer if i would of waited a longer it would of been hard to save me,so come on all cancer don't hit certain age it hits all ages girl or boy man or woman ,come on woman and men as well lets stand together on this lets stand & form a circle with our LORD as the start of the circle & put breast cancer in the middle lets kick bc out of that circle and lets kill breat cancer instead it killing us.breast cancer month is just a month away i'm writing these letters for a reason when you see this letter go have a mammogram,than send this letter to at least one person why don't you send it to your enemy she will love you for that this letter saves one woman or man's life its all worth it
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    you know---------your right this is probably not the right room. It's postings like this that i hesitate to get on to a web site and have to take the time to read. You use a valuble site like this to vent feelings and your relegion,good stand up for your thoughts but use the right web site and chat room to vent. This is suppose to reasure and help people.