Thanks for responding.....

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Just wanted to thank you for your comments and your personal stories. I appreciate them! I still find myself not really believing that this is me " the person talking about BC with others and going thru all we have to go thru" I was wondering if any of you have experienced any problems with your eyes. The last two days my eyes have been bugging me, feel dry and kind of hazy. Is this normal ? Isn't losing our hair enough ?lol...All I can say is I truly believe attitude is the best medicine. I have a very positive attitude and I stay strong as I can. It definately helps to have this webpage to talk with others in this situation. My family has been wonderful and my best friend ,who lives 1000 miles away has been the greatest friend you could ask for. All the love and support is amazing !! Thanks again for your responses. I will keep you posted. Next chemo is Sept.4th.YUCK !!!