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this is to all my breast cancer friends here at CSN I have a challenge for you all,we all know what breast cancer is and how fast it can happen but there is so many out there that don't and won't do it.I been doing this for several years this is my first time here on internet to do this.What to do is give this to at least one person when receive to go have that mammogram ,this year i'm hoping to get 1,000 signatures this year,this is my goal,my family dont believe it will happen i do.if you had yours this year where my name is go under put the next number ,than put day you had mammogram this yr & you dont have to put your real name down your call name or annoymous name please keep this letter going.Lets do this for our sisters who didnt make it from bc,lets stand with jesus on this .will you all stand with me and jesus in that circle & put bc in the middle lets kick it out of that circle but we have to kick together the only way is for all woman to have that mammogram lets kill bc for a change instead it killing us
#1____cheryl fontenot__bc date march,1995__mammogram __july 24,2001(6yr bc free)