Low WBC & infection

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Hello everyone. Been off line again as I have been in hospital again. This time low WBC, high fever (39 - 41 celcius) & infection - probably pneumonia but they are not too sure. Main trouble has been my veins. They collapse at the first hint of a needle & they took 5 tries to get a line in last week to deliver antibiotics. My hand is purple from bruising. Eventually they used my left then my right foot & had to keep pumping in saline on electric pump to keep it open. Am having a port-o-cath inserted to finish off chemo. Anyone give me any tips on where they put it & how successful. Second to last chemo on Thursday. Love to you all. Pam


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    Hi Pam,
    I have been wondering how you were making out. I am so glad to here that you'll be getting a port. I know what it is like for them to be fishing and digging all the time. Not much fun getting it in the feet. The antibiotics are very hard on the already stressed veins.
    Two more to go. Seemed so far out of reach when you first started. Now you can see an end to your chemo. Hope these go better than the last one did for you. Are you not getting nuprogen? I thought after having one infection they would of been able to give you this to spern your bone marrow into production of white cells. But what do I know anyway.
    Thinking of you,
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    Dear Pam:
    I am so sorry about the difficulty you had to go through. My port has been a life savor for my poor veins. As Auntie said, it is usually inserted right under collar bone, but it can go other places. A catheter is inserted through 2 small incisions, with a port right under the skin so with a special needle they can access the vein through the port with a small stick. Some doctors do it with only numbing the area; some want you completely under anesthesia. It takes just a short time to perform procedure. You may be a bit bruised and tender feeling in area, but they can use the port the next day.
    May God bless you and give you the strength you need to get through this dark valley back into the sunshine of good health. I read this today that it takes faith to have courage and courage to have faith -- it is a never ending quest to keep your faith strong and not to fear.
    Hugs and prayers from,
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    Good to hear from you. My port was on the right chest area. It was wonderful. If I ever have more treatments or it the other boob goes bad - I'll get a port in same time they cut. Keep us posted. Love, Debw
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    Hi Pam
    Sorry about all your distress. I had a port put in my upper right side and it was the best thing... even if it did hurt for about 7 days initially!
    I have small veins so I had but no choice but to get the port put in.