cyst under lumpectomy scar

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. 1999, I had a lumpectomy, radiation, and am currently on Tamoxifen. In January of this year I had a suspicious area under the scar and had another biopsy that was negative. Last week I had another mammogram that showed another suspicious area under the scar. My surgeon felt sure it was a cyst and aspirated it and then sent me for another mammogram that day. The radiologist said the area had gone down but still looked suspicious. My surgeon still feels that this is a benign area but I'm concerned that something else may be going on under the scar. I made them send off the fluid that was aspirated to the lab for further studies and have not received the results. But, I am still not comfortable with letting this go. Is it possible that this cyst could be cancer? Has anyone else heard of this?


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    Hi Greta,
    I had many cysts after enduring treatments for my cancer. By the time I had my second mastectomy I had already had 4 lumps removed that were all benign. I had areas along both my scars that were thick and like lumps. No one seemed all that concerned about them. When I was having lumps in the healthy breast I had them remove it as well. I even had a lump left in after a lumpectomy because the doctor had found a different one than the one I had. That was it I had the second mastectomy I had truly wanted from the onset of my disease. At the time it was suggested I worry about one breast at a time. So I concentrated on the cancerous side first.
    It does seem to be a common thing as I have found out. Keep after them that is all you can do and keep on checking.