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Handbook for the Soul a book by Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield
the chapter is Lessons of Love, Lessons of Hope.
"Often it is at our lowest points in life that we learn the most. We say 'God, this is too much. Life has disappointed me beyond all belief.'... Those low moments are the magical moments. They are the beginning stages of our journey."
I think we all can say we have been there done that at sometime during our fights. Some would beg to differ. I on the other hand found this some what comforting. I simply saw that my whole life would be different. Cancer was a life defining moment for me. I would never look at things the same way. Life for ever altered and change allowed to occur.
Be good to yourselves always,


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    Thank you for sharing this Tara. The authors really said it well.
    God bless you.
    Hugs from Brenda