Dolores in Sunny South Africa

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Hi guys thanx a stack for your replys,I am about to embark on an unknown journey,I need to find out so much,I dont want to be a puppet in some phsyco's show I need to get well and have my life back as it was.Please help me,Dolores just passed a comment to me that at the moment this all feels like a dream to her......people are saying take barly green this will wup anything,**** I am living a nightmare having to deal with all these arse holes out there who just want to help,how do you guys deal with all the crap?Lately I seem to have a glass or 3 of really good red wine and an Ativan under the tounge , then I just seem to cruise.It must seem peculiar to you or at least bring back memorys of what it was like for u in the beggining.Please e-mail Dolores at I Thank You All.