No more chemo!!!!!!!!

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Just wanted to tell everyone that I don't have to have any more chemo! Earlier I posted a message on if I should finish or not. I went and discussed everything with my oncologist and she then told me that there was no proof that Taxol would actually help me or that I would benefit from it in the long run! I am now just doing 52 weekly treatments of herceptin. I was a stage 2a at diagnosis. I would have been a stage one according to the tumor size, but had just one lymph node positive. It was such a relief to me not to really need anymore chemo. My Dr. said that she didn't care if I took it or not. It was up to me. I just hope that I made the right decision! It is just such a great feeling to know that I am done with me chemo and I wanted to share it with all of you. Have any others of you turned down a chemo drug that was offered to you? Somedays I just get so nervous wondering if it was right of me not to take it! God Bless you all! Carrie


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    I had exactly what you had. Stage 1 lump with 1 lymph node involved. Mayo said I needed to do 4 chemo treatments with 2 drugs. The oncologist in my home area wanted to do 6 chemo treatments with 3 drugs. The additional drug was 5FU. After sleeping on it, I went the Mayo route with 2 fewer chemo treatments and 1 less drug. I know what you mean about the chemo and the benefit. I gambled that Mayo was right and that I might be doing more damage to myself if I went beyond that plan. We have no way of knowing we did the right thing, but I have to admit that taking charge of my own chemo plan felt good. I finished my chemo in late May and just completed radiation treatments in late July. I have not had a chance for the relief to hit that it is over. After battling cancer for 5 months, I am tired, but glad that tamoxfen is all I need to do for now. Bless you! None of us is alone...we just feel that way at times!

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    Carrie I commend you on your decision. I also turned down the taxol chemo for reasons of my own. I was also stage2 with no lymph node involvement. My tumor was 3.9 centimeters and very aggressive but my surgeon got real clear margins aroud the tumor. I have just finished three months of A/C chemo and am getting ready to start my radiation treatments. I can't wait till it's all finished and I can go back to some kind of normal routine. God Bless You and I hope things turn out well for you. Barbara
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    Dear Carrie:
    None of us REALLY knows for sure if we are making the right decisions. I have heard horror stories of bad chemo reactions resulting even in death. If your doctor keeps a close eye on you, I feel you made a good choice. Sometimes, too much of a treatment is worse than no treatment. Sometimes chemo can cause a person to have another type of cancer years later---so feel comfortable with your decision.
    God bless you and may He continue His mercy and love on you and your family.
    Brenda from Georgia