Xeloda Tablets

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Has anyone here taken the chemo called Xeloda in tablet form?

I got an email from my girlfriend today and she said this is her latest treatment option. She started last week. She takes the pills twice a day for 14 days and then rests for 7 days before starting the cycle again. She didn't say how long this will go on.

Does anyone know if there are "success" stories using this method? Since everything else they've tried seems to fail, and her counts continue to rise, is this a "last ditch miracle drug" or will there be other options if this ultimately fails, too?


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    You should go backwards through these pages and find the last few entries from a lady that goes by 'Tiger'. The xeloda has helped her greatly when all the other stuff was failing. Researchers are coming out with new treatments all the time---so there always seem to be options even if you have to go on clinical trials.
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    I have a friend that started xeloda about four months ago. She has bone mets. So far things are looking good. The hot spots that she has are getting smaller, and there haven't been any new spots. The side effects are not as bad as chemo. She is also getting a little more of her energy back. I asked her if there is a limit to how long she can take it, and she said for as long as she needs too. That's all I really know. loulou