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I hope that each of you reading this understands just how important self-examinations of the breast can be to your health. I have had breast cancer twice. Both times the mammogram did not pick up the tumor. Each time I found a lump and went to my doctor where he did futher investigation. I am glad he did because each time the tumor removed was found to be cancerous. So please, I cannot stress to you enough just how important it is for you to do self-examinations of your breasts. If breast cancer if found early, it is very treatable.

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    I agree totally! I found my lump (1.6 cm) on BSE. Mammogram was negative, even though the lump was pinpointed. I have the letter stating "no evidence of breast cancer" in my scrapbook, next to my cancer treatment consent. Since then several women in my church have done BSE, but thank the Lord they were all fibrous cysts. So tell every lady you know that BSE is the way to go! Love to you all, Jayne