Mother's daughter outcome

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Praise the lord there are miracles happening every day! My Mom was able to have the lung tumor removed and an involved lymph node. There is one other possible lymph node but nothing so far. After recovery from surgery she will begin some chemo. I am so thankful to all of you for your support and kind words. This is journey we are all on and need to support each other every step. My Mom is ready to get home and go back to work! I told her we're going to name her "Dodger" for all the six surgeries in the last six years and coming out smelling like a rose (for now I'll take it!).


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    Becca, What wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news!!!!! I am so happy for all of you. It is a scary road, but it isn't always a bad road. I hope your mom will look at chemo as a good thing, and not a horrible experience. It helps to have a good attitude and even a since of humor when your going through chemo. Tell mom to listen to what her body is telling her, rest when she feels tired. It takes awhile for your energy to come back after chemo is done, but it does. Thanks for the great news, and keep us posted. loulou
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    BECCA my happiness and joy is with you.It is wonderfull that you are who you are