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Hi all,
I forgot to ask anyone...can I or should I eat breakfast before I go to chemo? Will I make a 40 minute ride home before the nausea kicks in?
Thanks Jayne
Thanks, Jayne


  • sharon_buck
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    Jayne I usually ate a small breakfast and did not have any trouble. I felt I needed it that now the day after was a different story maybe just a slice of peanutbutter on toast. Sharon
  • jmears
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    Jayne I usually had a light meal about 1 hour before. The chemo nurse should give you meds to keep you from getting nausea and you should tell them if it isn't working ... with so many new drugs you should not be uncofortable. I became nauseated two days after the treatments of AC for a week and never after Taxotere. I had Compozine and Ativan ...which worked for me ...when I took it ... I'm stubborn ... don't like meds. But I heard from others that Kytril (not sure of the spelling) is great. I hope your Oncologist and Chemo nurse are as great as mine. We actually have a lot of laughs together and I miss them now that I'm through with treatment ... I don't go back until October. One thing ... try not to be anxious ... that can make feel sick to begin with. Once you are done with the first one you'll say ... oh that wasn't so bad. Good Luck!! Jamie
  • isaiah4031
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    Thanks very much! I'll be posting later with how it went...not that I'm a little anxious about the whole thing.....:) I love you all and cherish our relationships!
    Love, Jayne
  • reni
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    I would definitely eat breakfast (might be the last time you feel like eating for a while)
    U should make it home b4 the nausea starts. My nausea started within 4hrs and I was told that was really fast!!
  • waynick
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    Hey Jayne,
    Just wanted to let you know that I never felt sick. I know that is not typical but you could be a lucky one too! Just make sure you take you anti-nausea medicine before you feel sick. I was good about that! I actually gained 20 pounds while on chemo. Was always waiting for the nausea to kick in so kept my tummy feeling full. Good luck to you. I would definitely have something before you go.....like toast or something light. Let us know how it goes! Sheri