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Hi! I'm Maggie
It has been 2 years since I was diagnosed with aggresive breast cancer. I finished all my treatments in March 2000. I have been going every 3 months to my onocologist for check-ups since then. My white blood count has stayed under 3000 & each time I go in, it as dropped some more. THe dr. said this time he wanted to keep a watch on this, it was 2100 this month. Has anyone else had this trouble or know what this could be from. I know I will always have a low count because of the chemo, but don't understand why it's still dropping. Thanks for the input. Maggie


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    >>I know I will always have a low count because of the chemo...

    Hi Maggie,

    Who told you that? What has your doctor had to say about your problem?

    After chemo - three weeks later, my WBC was normal again tho' I was slightly anemic but rec'd no treatment for it, but today I started radiation so I think blood counts could be affected again.

    Perhaps someone here has had the same problem - otherwise, I guess you need a medical person's reply.

    Good Luck, Jean
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    Hi Maggie
    I just finished treatments in June and my last CBC showed a little lower white blood count. While on chemo I was taking Nuepogen which stimulates the white blood cells so I never went low. My Oncologist mentioned it almost in passing when I saw him last and said it was to be expected ... that it should return to normal. I did not go into it with him at the time ... I had other concerns. But I am trying to work on my immune system ... vitimans, healthy diet, exercise. The immune system is key!! So... yes I have heard the count can be lower but I think it should go up not down. Obviously you will follow-up with your Dr. Let us know what you learn about it. Thanks Jamie