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I just went into menopause from chemo and the hot flashes are starting. They are not too bad really but I wake up every night about midnight - 2pm and have a hard time falling back to sleep. Is anyone taking sleeping pills or have any other remedy to recommend? Thanks, Lorrie


  • jmears
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    I went into menopause from the chemo too. I have flashes day and night. I get so wet at night I have to change my pj's. I did take sleeping pills while still on the chemo - Resirol - but now I want to go more natural and have started taking Melitonin. I read a lot about it's antioxident qualities so I get two benefits for one pill. I take 3mg a night. I have also read that some anti-depressents can minimize the hot flashes.
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    Sleeplessness is a common complaint of menopause. I suffer from it and have found that increasing exercise helps as well as good nutrition. I find that alcohol in the evening really increases my hot flashes and wakefullness too. 'Looking forward to cooler nights. Good Luck! Love, Luckyj
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    what works for me is a cd player and earphones...when I wake up at night I just put them on with soothing meditative music. find some good serenety tapes and practice mental relaxation.Not only will this help you fall asleep but coupled with positive visualization will help to heal you...also sometimes it helps to get up and eat something, like yogurt...
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    Dear Lorrie

    I have found natural Kava & valerian are the best ways to get to sleep without chemical sleeping pills which do not give you a natural sleep (they stop the REM sleep which really refreshes us). I take Nature' Way brand (available in USA as it is made there). I use the liquid extracts as they work faster & better but the liquid valerian sure des smell (like blue vein cheese) so take the tablets if you really can't stand it. Good luck. Pam
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    The Meds put me in full menopause..and Night sweats used to keepme up. I have 2 fans and an air conditioner going 24 7..he he he.
    However I take Excedrin Pm when I cant sleep.
    It helps me alot.