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I consider myself blessed...I have had successful surgery to remove my tumor, completed my chemotherapy and radiation with minimal side effects, and am due to see my oncologist this week. My question: what is the "normal" followup procedure/schedule after you have been treated - how often do you see the oncologist and how often are scans done? (My order of treatment was different due to the size of the tumor - chemo first, scan in May, surgery in June, radiation July/August). As always, thanks for the help. I am so glad I found this site!


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    Hi Gayle I too had chemotherapy with minimal side effects. As I chose a mastectomy I did not have to have radiation. I have finished with my oncologist and only see my surgeon every 6 monts. My tumour was Lobular Carcinoma with 3 out 11 lymph nodes involved. I don't know why I only go every 6 months as everyone else I have met goes every 3 months. When I see him in September I will ask him why. Love Pippi