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Hi out there. I had surgery to remove a 6cm tumor from the right lung. Had 2/3 of the lung and parts of ribs removed also 1 positive node close to the tumor. It's been about 8 weeks and the pain has eased up somewhat. The decision from radiation or chemo. Anyone go through something simular? Some concern about no follow up treatment. Thanks Nancy


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    Congratulations on your surgery! I wish I was still a candidate for surgery - it is the best chance to cure NSCLC. It is quite common not to give follow-up treatment in early stage lung cancer. In more advanced cases, stage III, neo-adjuvant treatment (pre-surgery chemo) is given. As for follow-up checkup, you should insist on CT scans every three months and not only X-rays.
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    I had a stage 1 nsclc tumor removed in April, and other than the lobectomy, there was no further treatment warrented. The surgeon, oncologist, and pulminologist all agreed. If you have any questions in your mind go to another oncologist somewhere else with your records and get another opinion. It never hurts.
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    I like to know your outcome after surgery with "no radiation or chemo" follow up.
    Is it a good/right decision ?